Mini Pedals – 1590A Sized

Function f(x) is pleased to offer a line of mini pedals built in 1590A-sized enclosures. This product line is an extension of the custom work that has been done over the years by our very own @pickdropper, one of the founders of Function f(x). Based on historical demand for certain models, we decided to begin producing smaller batches of the most popular mini pedals. And, of course, these new pedals will carry our full warranty and are backed by our support.

Due to the time-consuming nature of these builds, the models listed below will be built in small batches on a rotating basis. Click below to see what is currently in stock:

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Current Mini Pedals Lineup

Clusterfuzz Micro

The Clusterfuzz Micro is the smaller brother to our Clusterfuzz and Clusterfuzz Jr. pedals. It’s the same circuit under the hood, with a few less features to allow it to fit into a standard 1590A-sized enclosure. It uses the same types and values of components as its bigger siblings, we simply scaled it down to a smaller footprint based on feedback from our customers.

cluterfuzz micro - mini pedals


The MiniTaur – Tiny Klon Clone

The MiniTaur is an ultra-compact clone of the well-loved (and oft dramatized) Klon Centaur by Klon Siberia. It is a part-for-part clone of the original (all the same values, operating voltage, input buffer, and other general specs). We even use new old-stock (NOS) germanium diodes, although we make no claim that these are the magic/secret/unicorn diodes used in the original. Get that great classic Klon sound in a significantly smaller package and a substantially lower price.

MiniTaur - Klon Clone

Have a listen to the MiniTaur side by side with a Klon KTR:

Micro Fracture – Expanded Marshall Bluesbreaker

The Micro Fracture overdrive pedal is our take on the classic Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive, but in a much smaller footprint and with some added tone-shaping options. It features a selector switch that offers the choice between hard diode clipping (heavier drive with more compression) or soft diode clipping (more moderate overdrive just like the original circuit).

Micro Fracture Overdrive

Hive Mind – Burns Buzzaround Clone

The Hive Mind is a modified version of the storied vintage Burns Buzzaround fuzz pedal. While we stayed close to the original circuit in terms of parts and values, we made two critical changes: 1) we added a master Volume pot at the output of the circuit, and 2) we kept the PNP positive ground germanium transistors (part number 2N404) but added a sub-circuit that makes your standard negative ground power supply work just fine. So you can use this vintage-styled pedal with any standard pedal power supply (+9V).

Hive Mind - Buzzaround Clone

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Octavus – Tychobrahe Octavia Clone

The Octavus is our take on the beloved Tycobrahe Octavia (octave up fuzz) circuit. We use all current-production parts to ensure reliability and consistency, and we also added an “octave lift” switch so you can use it without the octave for added flexibility. If you want that Jimi / Monterey Pop Festival kind of sound, this is a good fit.

Octavus - Mini Pedals

The CJOD – Clay Jones Overdrive Clone

Inspiring almost as much drama as the Klon, the CJOD is our take on the once wildly popular, splatter-painted Clay Jones Overdrive. If you don’t know the backstory on this one, click here to read all about it (but bring some popcorn). Our version is true to the original with one exception: our diode selector switch has three options (instead of two): 1) asymmetrical silicon diodes (1N914), 2) LEDs, and 3) a “diode lift” (no diodes) in the center position. All the great tone of the CJOD (and more), but without the high price tag and inflated hype. Fans of expensive Tubescreamer-inspired pedals will enjoy that boutique “808” tone at a truly reasonable price and less than half the pedalboard footprint.

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