Clusterfuzz Jr.

Clusterfuzz Jr.

The Clusterfuzz Jr. is the smaller brother to our Clusterfuzz. It’s the same circuit under the hood, with a few less features to allow it to fit into a standard 125B-sized enclosure. It uses the same types and values of components as its bigger brother, we simply scaled it down to a smaller footprint based on feedback from our customers. You asked; we listened!

As with all Function f(x) pedals, the Clusterfuzz Jr. sports a soft-touch, relay-based true bypass switching system.


  • Three clipping options for different saturation levels: No diode clipping, LED, and silicon diodes
  • Volume, Tone and Fuzz knobs
  • An “8-Bit/24-bit” switch to toggle between tight fuzz and square-wave velcro sounds
  • Soft touch (true) bypass
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Laser-etched artwork
  • 9v DC operation (industry standard)
  • 30mA current draw (10mA when bypassed)

Demo Clip

$169 + shipping.