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Function f(x) builds products to last. However, we realize that gear takes a beating through its lifetime and this may result in damage or failure. We offer a one year full-service warranty to cover defective products against "reasonable" failure. This means we will replace or repair your pedal without charging a bench fee. After that year, a limited lifetime warranty goes into effect. This means we will repair your damaged or broken pedal for as long as you own it. These types of repairs may or may not require a bench or replacement fee depending on the nature and severity of the issue. Please contact us at if you have any questions, or to make a warranty claim. For complete information on the Function f(x) warranty, please refer to any product manual.

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    • David B. - Technical and Sales Consultant, Partner
    • Jerry Z. - Engineer, Partner
    • Forrest W. - Product Developer, Partner
    • Brian A. - Product Developer, Partner

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